Ask Subscribers to Mark Your Emails as Important

Before diving into the importance of marking emails as important, let’s briefly understand the concept of email deliverability.

Email deliverability refers to the ability of your emails to successfully reach your recipients’ inboxes rather than being flagged as spam or blocked by the recipient’s mail provider.

Several factors influence email deliverability, including sender reputation, content quality, authentication protocols, and recipient engagement.

The Importance of Marking Emails as Important

When subscribers mark your emails as important with their mail provider, they signal to the email service provider (ESP) that your emails are valuable and relevant to them.

This action helps the ESP’s filtering algorithms recognize your emails as desired content rather than spam or promotional messages.

Benefits of Subscribers Marking Emails as Important

Enhanced Email Filtering

Marking emails as important provides valuable feedback to email service providers.

The ESP’s filtering algorithms learn from these signals and adjust their filtering criteria accordingly.

By encouraging subscribers to mark your emails as important, you contribute to the accurate categorization of your emails as legitimate and desired communications.

Improved Inbox Placement

When your emails consistently receive the “important” designation, they have a higher chance of landing in the primary inbox folder of your subscribers.

Being present in the primary inbox increases the visibility and chances of your email being noticed and opened.

Increased Engagement and Open Rates

When subscribers perceive your emails as important, they are more likely to engage with your content.

By marking your emails as important, they are consciously prioritizing your messages among the clutter of their inbox.

This action boosts your open rates and improves overall engagement metrics.

How to Encourage Subscribers to Mark Emails as Important

Now that we understand the significance of email marking, let’s explore some strategies to encourage your subscribers to take this action:

Educate Your Subscribers

Include a brief section in your welcome email or newsletter explaining the benefits of marking your emails as important.

Educate your subscribers about how it helps them receive the most relevant content and ensures they don’t miss any important updates or offers.

Include a Clear Call-to-Action

In your email communications, clearly ask your subscribers to mark your emails as important.

Use compelling language and highlight the value they will receive by doing so.

Reinforce the benefits and create a sense of urgency to prompt action.

Offer Valuable and Relevant Content

To motivate subscribers to prioritize your emails, consistently provide high-quality content that aligns with their interests and needs.

When they perceive your emails as valuable, they are more likely to mark them as important.

Personalize Your Emails

Tailor your emails to match the preferences and behaviors of your subscribers.

Use segmentation and personalization techniques to deliver targeted content that resonates with their specific interests.

By making your emails more personalized, you increase the chances of them being marked as important.

Best Practices for Email Deliverability

While encouraging subscribers to mark emails as important is beneficial, it’s essential to follow additional best practices for optimal email deliverability:

Maintain a Clean Email List

Regularly clean your email list to remove inactive or unengaged subscribers.

Keeping a clean list improves your sender reputation and ensures that your emails are sent to active and interested recipients.

Use Double Opt-In

Implementing a double opt-in process adds an extra layer of verification to your email list.

Subscribers must confirm their subscription, reducing the chances of fake or incorrect email addresses being added to your list.

Segment Your Email List

Segmenting your email list allows you to send targeted emails to specific groups of subscribers.

By tailoring your content to their interests and preferences, you enhance engagement and deliverability rates.

Test and Optimize Your Email Content

Regularly test different subject lines, email layouts, and calls-to-action to identify what resonates best with your audience.

Continuously optimize your email content based on these insights to improve engagement and deliverability.

Monitor Your Email Deliverability Metrics

Keep a close eye on your email deliverability metrics, including bounce rates, open rates, and spam complaints.

Monitoring these metrics helps you identify any issues and take corrective actions promptly.


In conclusion, encouraging your newsletter subscribers to mark your emails as important with their mail provider can significantly enhance your email deliverability rates and strengthen your overall email marketing strategy. By educating your subscribers about the benefits, including clear call-to-actions, offering valuable content, and personalizing your emails, you create a higher likelihood of being prioritized and noticed in their inbox. Remember to follow best practices for email deliverability to maximize your chances of success.


Why is email deliverability important for marketers?

Email deliverability is crucial for marketers as it determines whether their emails reach the intended recipients’ inboxes. High email deliverability ensures that messages are seen and engages the audience effectively.

Can marking emails as important guarantee inbox placement?

While marking emails as important increases the chances of landing in the primary inbox folder, it doesn’t guarantee it. It is still essential to follow best practices and maintain a positive sender reputation.

What other factors affect email deliverability?

Other factors that affect email deliverability include sender reputation, content quality, authentication protocols (such as DKIM and SPF), email list quality, engagement metrics (such as open rates and click-through rates), and compliance with anti-spam regulations.

How often should I ask subscribers to mark my emails as important?

It’s best to include a reminder in your welcome email and occasionally reinforce the request in subsequent newsletters. However, avoid being repetitive or overly insistent, as it may have the opposite effect.

Can I ask subscribers to mark my emails as important in the subject line?

While it’s possible to include a subtle call-to-action in the subject line, it’s generally recommended to reserve the subject line for compelling and relevant information. Instead, focus on including the request within the email content itself.

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Hans Desjarlais

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